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Every year a phenomenon takes place as hundreds of teenagers invade a college campus for a week at a time. From the opening greeting to the final farewell hugs, something unique takes place. It’s hard to pinpoint if it’s the absurd games, the challenging speakers, the caring adults, the uncontrollable laughter, or the time to talk honestly, but somewhere it hits you: this isn’t your normal summer camp.

For a week during the summer, teens have the chance to get away from real life, hang out with people from all across the Midwest, deepen friendships, and talk about God. Every day speakers come to share inspiring and challenging stories about real life, God, and where the two intertwine. The days are packed with fun surprises of all kinds. From the music, the movies, the games, the speakers, and club – all with laughter to tears – Summer Festival Camp really has something for everybody.

There are two qualities that set Summer Festival Camp apart from the rest of the camping market. The first is that we understand that camp needs to be more then a one-week event. We make sure that when a group decides to come to Summer Festival Camp, they bring their own own adult leaders from the church. This way there is a familiar face going into the experience, as well as someone who can share the experience with teens when camp is over. The second quality is that we are a non-denominational camp. By focusing on what really binds us – Jesus Christ, we are able to minister to teens from every walk of life. With an adult along and discussion time every day, the students get to debrief and try to relate how the day’s lessons connect to their faith journey. Another advantage of being multi-denominational — students can bring any one of their friends without fear if they will fit in.

This summer, see what life can really be. Attend Summer Festival Camp and experience what really matters: God, good friends, memorable times and lots of laughs.