After almost 2 years under the thoughtful guidance of Youth Leadership, Summer Festival Camp is becoming its own non-profit. Youth Leadership helped Summer Festival rethink how we could do great ministry. We are grateful for their friendship, prayers, steady coaching, and help in creating a new model for camp.


Summer Festival Camp has blossomed under the new, shorter format. We’ve seen growth with the addition of new churches and in the number of students each church brings to camp. Along with other organizational changes, we have come to a place where we believe that it makes the most sense for Summer Festival Camp to be its own organization.


The new Summer Festival Camp team is committed to four core values:

  1. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with teens
  2. Valuing a relational ministry model
  3. Being multi-denominational
  4. Celebrating fun, humor, and creativity


Tony Ducklow will continue to be the camp director and continue overseeing the core team of leaders responsible for the formation of this new organization.


In just a few weeks, several hundred students will be showing up to camp to have the best week of their summer. Consider a donation to help Summer Festival Camp share the Good News of Jesus with the next generation.