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Summer Festival Camp’s Anti-Racism Action Plan

V. 1.0 Updated 6.4.2020

  1. Campers, volunteers, or adult leaders who engage in racist acts and create unsafe spaces will be removed from programming. This will be added to the camp rules presented on the first day of camp.
  2. The Camp Director will take the Intercultural Development Inventory, debrief with an IDI Qualified Administrator, and submit a personal growth plan to the Summer Festival Camp Board. We will seek out anti-racism training for those serving on staff and in leadership capacities each summer.
  3. As the Leadership Team plans camp:
    1. We will actively seek placement of people of color in leadership roles within the organization, including program, band, camp speakers, workshop leaders, operations team, and leadership team. 
    2. We will yearly evaluate the camp location, time of year, length, and programming style for accessibility. 
    3. We will create spaces where issues of race and systemic sin can be discussed at camp. 
  4. The Executive Director will network with communities of color to recruit new volunteers. We will waive the volunteer fee for people from these communities to encourage participation.
  5. The Executive Director will continue to invite new church/ministry groups of color and encourage participation.  Our donors have contributed scholarships specifically for under-resourced groups, and we are committed to using this money to continue to increase opportunity.
  6. The Leadership Team will foster a culture of honesty between church leaders and volunteer staff by creating space for honest feedback, forcing the leadership team to check our blind spots. We are committed to creating opportunities before, during, and after camp for people to give feedback and bring up areas of concern. This will look like a verbal and written invitation for feedback as well as a post-camp survey. These opportunities will specifically ask about the issue of racism and inclusion.
  7. When Summer Festival Camp gets it wrong we will confess, lament, and act.


This document was written on behalf of Summer Festival Camp by the Summer Festival Camp Leadership Team to help identify the ways in which we are actively trying to make camp a safe space for everyone, especially people of color.


Tony Ducklow (Camp Director and Executive Director)

Brynn Frei (Assistant Camp Director)

Seth Frei (Assistant Camp Director)