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Summer Festival Camp’s Working Covid Prevention Plan

Updated 3-11-2021

Summer Festival Camp is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff, volunteers, campers, counselors, and visitors. To ensure we have a safe and healthy camp, Summer Festival is developing a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our camp and communities, and that requires full cooperation among everyone involved in the camp. Due to the nature of a changing pandemic, we will be constantly updating this document.

Below are some of the safety plans Summer Festival intends to implement for the summer 2021 camps. Know that at this time these plans are based on the current climate of COVID-19 requirements and additional standards may be added or removed pending guidance from the CDC and MDH guidelines. Any changes will be communicated to you prior to camp.

For Summer 2021, we are planning on camp; but not promising camp. We are living through a global pandemic, which means we’re going to be as gracious to our trip leaders and our campers as we can. If your plans need to change around camp, we get it. We are hoping that in return, as we adjust this plan, you’ll be as gracious with us as you can.

We are committed to the safety of Summer Festival campers. Although the risk from the COVID-19 virus can not be completely removed, there are strategies that have been shown that can significantly diminish this risk. We will implement these strategies to the best of our abilities: 

High Level of what this will look like. 

  • Programing will be experienced in pods of 4-15 people. We think groups of around 8 are the sweet spot. These pod-style groups will spend their camp days together eating, discussing messages, and having fun. Every pod will need at least one adult leader.
  • Each pod will have a designated space to meet and hang out in. 
  • Housing will be limited to individuals within your pod. And pods will be separated from other pods by several rooms. We are exploring single occupancy dorm rooms and giving each pod its own floor in a dorm building. 
  • SFC will develop high-quality programming that will take advantage of the pod structure.
  • Free-time will be structured and will be spent in pods.
  • A health professional will be on-site to oversee the ‘Covid-Prevention Plan’ and responding to COVID-19 concerns.
  • Participants will need a negative COVID-19 test within three days of the start of camp to attend
  • SFC will facilitate mandatory daily temperature and health checks
  • Anyone who starts to show symptoms of COVID-19 during camp will be removed
  • We are exploring doing club (worship service) indoors with two sessions to allow pods enough distance to spread out.
  • We are exploring doing club (worship service) outside in a large open-air tent with the full group
  • Large chunks of the day will be spent outside. 
  • Spaces like the club room(s) (worship space) and the dining room will be set-up to allow for proper social distancing.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of commonly touched surfaces will happen frequently 
  • Masks will be required while inside except while eating or in dorm rooms. 
  • Pod leaders (Church Trip Leaders) will be able to decide if time inside with just the pods (small groups discussion time) is masked or not. 
  • Masks will be required outside when gathered as a large group
  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged 
  • We will be conscience of having people not gather in small spaces and create staggered entering and exits times during camp events
  • The camp size will be limited to 250.
  • We are currently evaluating past programing of Summer Festival Camp. Some of it will stay the same, some of it will be adjusted to fit MDH guidelines, some of it will be replaced with high-quality alternates that follow the MDH guidelines.

As we learn more, we will make adjustments to this plan and communicate those changes. As we get closer to camp, we will have more specific details on how these things will be carried out.

We are seeking input from the church leaders that Summer Festival Camp serves on this plan. We invite questions and constructive feedback.